About Us

The mission of Saturday Pictures is to create films that appeal to a mainstream audience while maintaining the sensibilities of independent film. Well equipped for this task with Hollywood style training and an emphasis on the craft of engaging storytelling, Saturday Pictures is a partnership between Michael Seminerio, Cris Silvent, Greg Jocoy and Rob Murphree. With competitive academic training as a foundation, the partners have each worked in various capacities on over a hundred short films, television and feature projects.

Since many of Saturday Pictures films have been made on small budgets, the Company also has the sensibilities and resourcefulness of seasoned independents.

Saturday Pictures employs complimentary talents to craft professional and marketable products, while maintaining a standard for creating meaningful stories that reflect the struggles of the human spirit.

By creating film stories that both resonate as works of cinematic art and touch audiences, Saturday Pictures hopes to gain exposure for their work and continue their ever-expanding understanding of the craft of filmmaking.

Saturday Pictures, LLC was founded in March of 2009. The company is engaged in ongoing development and production of film and television projects.

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